Wild Northern Adventures Inc

Accommodations and Tours

Have the adventure of a lifetime when you book a tidal fishing charter trip with Wild Northern Adventures! Family owned and operated, since opening in 2015, Wild Northern Adventures operates out of the Portland Canal in Stewart! Book a charter with up to 4 of your friends and family for fantastic fishing (especially Halibut)! Charters last for either 4, 8, or 12 hours, taking you to excellent fishing locations, surrounded by picturesque scenery! 

If you’d rather see the beauty of the ocean and skip the fishing, Wild Northern Adventures offers breathtaking scenery charters as well! Perfect for birders, wildlife enthusiasts, and photographers. Pods of whales have been known to pop into view, as well as coastal bears! 

Have an amazing day on the water, whichever activity you pick! Adventure awaits when you book with Wild Northern Adventures.

Meet Shawn Braaksma

Meet Shawn Braaksma

Captain Shawn loves the beauty of the ocean that edges Stewart. He enjoys offering a service that allows visitors to experience the stunning wilderness surrounds he gets to see every day. His favourite part is interacting with his charters, seeing their outdoor enthusiasm and helping them bring in the perfect catch! When he isn't touring visitors around, Shawn is out on his boat, fishing and connecting with the ocean.